Friday, November 18, 2011

Apple Chips!

This recipe was posted by my sister in law Erin!
I came up with this idea because I had a few apples that were starting to get old and "meely" (is that a word for anyone else??). So I didn't necessarily want to just eat them, and I found a post on pintrest (oh how I love thee) about homemade apple chips! They turned out great, but let me forewarn you, this is not a great last minute treat, it takes some planning ahead!

What you'll need:

as many thinly sliced apples as you want or need (I used two whole apples)
An oven preheated to 200 degrees

So, I sliced my apples as thin as I could. I have one of those handy apple slicer/corers so I initially sliced them with that, which gave me 8 apple slices. I then sliced each wedge into 4 more slices. That was about as thin as I could go! Then I placed them on a cookie sheet that was sprayed with Pam, sprinkled cinnamon on them and then sprayed the apples again with cooking spray.  Place your trays in the oven and set your timer to about an hour and a half. Check your apples at that point, turn them, and remove any that look like they are crisp enough to your liking. Keep the remaining apples in the oven about another hour, checking frequently, for apples that are crisp. Once your apples are cooled they crisp up even more. However, I only at a few that were completely cooled... they were too tempting right out of the oven! Enjoy!

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